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The Recipe

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18 JULY 2018

The Recipe

Love Is To Eat, Eat Is To Love… 

So, what are the most important rules of beauty? 

Rule No1: Beauty Comes In All Shapes, Forms, and Sizes

Rule No2: Allow for a healthy relationship with yourself, food and your body 

Rule No3: Food is much more than nutrients; Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

Rule No4: Eating is a form of self-respect, and the love of food is one of the sincerest forms of love.

Rule No5: Self-Care is translated into the glory of our every day and preserved through the beauty of being in our body and celebrating it for what it is

Rule No6: To embrace the glorious mess that we are, we need to embrace the gloriousness of food and eating. 

Rule No7: There are no Good Foods Or Bad Foods; There Are Good Habits or Bad Habits

Rule No8: Remember the fun aspect of food, the so-called fun foods, and fun eating, connected with our desire, our cravings, and our appetite.

Rule No9: Food is our common ground, a universal experience; Allow yourself to eat all foods; people who love to eat are always the best people.

Rule No10: Self-Care is not a have to process, but rather a “want to” process, a “wish to” process, a process you look forward to, an experience you relish. 

Fall In Love With Taking Care Of YourSelf….

Words by Annie Markitanis

Photographer      Lorenzo Del Francia

Beauty editor      Valeria Averono

Set designer         Sonia Pravato

Chef                      Edoardo Notizia 

Art Direction       Roof Creative Studio

Set Assistant       Chiara Condoleo



CaudalieBoscia on Sephora.itBinu on miin-cosmetics.it

Cinq MondesTuttotondoSBC on Qvc.itMossaMádara


QuomiMaison D'Huîtres Amélie



French Supper: Vintage small plate by Cosi Cozy Milano, Gold-plated cutlery “HomeCollection” by Natalia Criado

Spaghetti Japanese Splash SaladCarafe “Potpourri” collection by Pulpo, small plate Tonale by Alessi (design David Chipperfeld), Linen SHABBY L1305 by FRANCOFABBRI SRL  

Korean SnackJug L Clear by Hay (available at Design Republic), glass “Potpourri” collection by Pulpo, plate “White Terrazzo” by Serax

Indian PuddingInox tray with brass fnish by Funky Tableglass “Potpourri” collection by Pulpo, Ginko teaspoon by Funky TableWool Satin “Aplomb” by Dedar

English Breakfast: Coffee spoons SAN08SET by Alessi (designer: SANAA)

Scandivian Tartines: Carafe “Potpourri” collection by Pulpo, Plate S.Pot by Maddalena Selvini, teaspoon by Funky Table

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