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25 FEBRUARY 2019


As Tess McGill rightly puts it in the mythical film “Working Girl”: “I have a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that?”

A Woman, if and when she has to, can do anything. She can juggle lots of things at the same time. She can be bright and pragmatic. She can be a riot and a roar. She can be invincible. She can be fearless. She can bend the rules. She can make up her own rules. She can invent controlling patterns. She can move up the ranks and conquer key positions. She can pretend. She can perform. She can support. She can nurture. She can love. In a nutshell, she can be what she is best at: A Woman. 

“Woman To Woman” relies on the ’80s as its source of inspiration to depict a new kind of self-sufficiency. The ’80s, as the outbreak of the Woman’s work and workout, become an invisible instructor of the protagonist’s poses and positioning. 

The Woman adopts a new identity where the career and fitness mastering are inseparable tasks. Body fitness seeks to make its way in between a meeting, a call or a copy.

In “Woman To Woman” we taste the conscious liberation of the female state. 

A Woman to Woman confession within a space dressed with period design pieces and details, that transforms into a performing stage where the female tiptoes around an ironic self-portrait. A surrealistic frame where the odds meet sameness. The female acquires a new “exterior” standing on her own two feet (and not only), celebrating the satisfaction of doing it for herself while reaffirming that behind every great woman there has to be another great woman. 

Words / Content Editor Annie Markitanis

Lensed by Teresa Ciocia

Styled by Giulia Sanna 

Set Design by Elisabetta Sapia Goya

Make up by Simona Parrella

Hair by Yohei Kuroshima

Fashion Assistant  Maria Antonietta Morea

Photo Assistant  Umberto Scimitto

Model  Adjela@Wave Management 


Atelier VM - Alysi - GCDS - La Saunda - Mantero - Marco dell’Omo - Marios - Miahatami - OsèRee - Sportmax

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