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Bodily movements create (a)live installations!

For the occasion of the launching of the Spring/Summer 2019 Signature Collection, Marsèll presented an A/V Performance on Virgen Maria.

Virgen María is the musical project of producer, DJ, model, actress and performer Maria Forqué, who through her transgressive attitude, as well as controversial and daring approach - propelled by the world of women, sexuality, spirituality, virtuality, vulnerability and duality - the artist, once again, brings forth a universal performance addressing everyone and involving all our senses.

Maria’s new musical project progresses from her multidisciplinary performance-based project ‘Beta_0♥’, in pursuit of creating her future EDM.

Through an uncensored expression of femininity, twenty-eight-year-old Forqué’s embarks on her EP ‘G.O.D.’ and makes a clear statement about the path electronic music will take in the next couple of years.

Mixing Latin-rhythms, experimental production, and dance structures, created to fall in a meditative trance where the audience and the artist make a direct connection of sexuality and inner exploration while still set in the most mainstream musical form.



Words by Annie Markitanis

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