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17 NOVEMBER 2017



Which are the principal characteristics that define the personality of Valerio Berruti?

I would describe myself as a curious spirit, highly stimulated by life.


The “Out of your own” installation features 16 large frescoes, exploring the theme of childhood, completed with the Paradise Lost cycle, centered on the interaction between a child and his/her own shadow: In your opinion, what is it that makes the discovery of one’s own projection, one of the most amazing revelations for a human being?

 The shadow is a projection of ourselves, both metaphorically and literally.

I am very interested in the "dark side” of the human nature and the shadow allows me to represent graphically this concept. 

What is the reaction that you would ideally like your audience to have once “confronted” with the “Out of your own” installation?

I would like the audience to immerse into an experience, to  interact with the work through the space-i.e: The gallery walls are covered with mirrors while the floor has a polished mirror finish. 

How would you describe your creative process in the “Out of your own”?

My creative process was natural, organic and intuitive; I initially began working with the notion of the shadow as my child’s alter ego, and I eventually ended up working with it as an abstract matter.

What does the notion of Childhood represent for you, and what prompted you to choose Childhood as one of your main sources of inspiration?

Childhood is a fundamental chapter in people's lives. We have all been children, and, throughout our life, we can always mirror ourselves in them.

Do you think that walking through our fears is an ‘attitude’ that our culture assumes easily?

Our fears are always obscure and well hidden. With this work, where the child plays with his shadow, my goal is to communicate to the viewer that it is better to express and let out our fears rather than keep them inside and eventually create “monsters" in the long term.

Do you experience the concepts of experimentation and evolution in your work?

Yes, a great deal.

In this era of perpetual change and rapid technological development, is there anything you are nostalgic for?

I'm a progressive nostalgic; I listen to Spotify but I also buy vinyls.

Personal success is…

To be free to do what you want.

Original is…

Not to follow what others do

The musical aspect plays a very important role in your video animations; What does the soundtrack convey in your work, that without it would be incomplete?

The Music serves to fill the space just like sculpture does; the Soundtrack is fundamental in my animations.

Which are your favorite collaborations with music composers, so far?

I think the one with Paolo Conte; he is an absolute legend of mine.

Is there anything about your work that you find difficult to cope with?

The fear of losing the spontaneity.

Greatest compliment you ever got?

You remind me of “Schiele”.

What’s up next for Valerio?

I'm working on a big project; a highly complicated video animation

Music    Joan As Police Woman

Content/Interview    Annie Markitanis

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