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To be titled

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4 MAY 2015

To be titled


On Friday May 1st, 2015, the FuoriCampo Gallery opened its doors to the first Italian solo show for the artist João Freitas. The exhibition’s name; “To Be Titled.”

The exhibition presents the latest works of the artist who lives and works in Brussels. João Freitas’s works are built using simple techniques and simple materials, which the artist explores in a way that combines both the physical world and the spiritual dimension. The fact, the object, and change enter a state of transfiguration. Also disclosed are the artist’s works, created especially for the Siena show. On display, a number of tòpoi of Sienese figurative culture that sum up the artist's own particular methodology and expressive tension.

The show will remain on view to the public at the FuoriCampo Gallery, Via Salicotto 1-3 in Siena until June 25, 2015


Content editor    Annie Markitanis 

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