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Thirty Nights Thirty Beds

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13 NOVEMBER 2014

Thirty Nights Thirty Beds

Thirty Nights Thirty Beds comes from a choice of Andre Bellomo not to return to his house for a month. His actual motives are not important; the challenge he needs to face is to find every day a new bed. He has only one requirement: to ask a question, the same question, to every host. A sort of a ritual explored during his 30 nights and 30 beds experience: What the word freedom means to them? Right now for him, freedom is a journey, a journey that will last thirty days in the lives of people who are part of him. 


His first “home” is in Rome. It is important for him not to be in Milan. It's a great house, very white 
and has a view of the English embassy. He spends his day at the house next door to his, the one of Alexander and Patrizia. At the end he ends up sleeping there. They tell him that he can come and go whenever he wants/chooses to, he also has his own set of keys because he is considered one of the family. He tries to remain composed and not reveal how much he is moved, then he thanks them and before going out he asks: 
What is freedom? 

Freedom is, knowing how to take responsibility; responsibility for our decisions, our choices, our 
actions. It's the only thing that can grant us with complete freedom." 
He admits that there was a time that he thought exactly the opposite. "When I was younger I thought that all the responsibilities that I had were like a bad luck burdening me. I watched the others escape their responsibilities and in a way I admired them, I envied them. But then I realized that it's never too early to learn how to assume responsibility. The sooner the better as it really is the quickest way that leads to personal freedom."  
In that house, of Alexander and Patrizia, Andre Bellomo witnessed freedom. He saw great 
responsibility taken without offending, in the process, the one thing that makes a family, beyond the written ties: The Heart. 

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