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12 DECEMBER 2014



St. Vincent "is of the same name of the fifth album by Annie Erin Clark, recorded in Dallas and produced by John Congleton. For the cymbals and drums part have dealt Homer Steinweiss (drummer Dap-Kings) and McKenzie Smith (of Midlake).

After "Love Is Giant" in 2009, produced by David Byrne, the father of the Talking Head's influence is felt in the general mood of the album, but with this album Clark opens a new chapter. Annie Eric Clark Is from Tulsa (Oklahoma), with a stage name inspired by "There she goes my beautiful world" by Nick Cave - where reference is made to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center where he died in 1953.

St. Vincent is a singer-songwriter characterized by an absolute perfectionism.

A multifaceted musician, ranging from the use of violins, brass and clarinets.

Once on stage, she has the ability to enter you, making you feel the power and real essence of the songs. Both in "Marrow" or "Rattlesnake" where she explains the 'unsettling encounter with a rattlesnake, while she runs naked in the desert of Texas.

St. Vincent seduces you with tunes like "Huey Newton" in which she ideally interacts

with the late leader of the Black Panthers.

In "Digital Witness" she stings you with digital identities, which are prompting you to search for a different sense from the given reality.

In her latest album she chooses to analyze what's going on in this historical moment, and tries to find a meaning, representing it in the most honest as possible.

The declaration of intention is evident with the first single "Birth in Reverse" with which St. Vincent explores the ordinariness of life, including sexuality.

Her lyrics are undoubtedly never dull, a struck in the music scene with albums that are easy to listen being supported by a clear and structured approach, played with contrasts of sounds by various instruments and arrangements.

From the groove, that still constitutes an essential element, the arrangement switches maintaining electric guitars that sound like synthesizers to the melodic.

During her performances St. Vincent moves with a hitch in surgical precision, having an impact on you almost hypnotizing due to her relentless gaze of her voice vibrating without a smudge and the architecture describing her movements.

Content   Clara Gipponi
Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

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