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unbelievable knack unFlop | unbelievable knack
14 DECEMBER 2016


A flower: pure beauty need math to understand how beauty works need math to read beauty.

A function is defined variables, parameters, digital synopsis and finally coordinates. Notes.

Lost in translation, follow the path and get notes notes play music, magic.

A machine is dancing: is beautiful and now sync it, translate it, observe it carefully and then listen everything is just happening.

“Rhodonea” (from the Greek “rhódon”, rose) is an artistic performance born by the collaboration between Caracol Studio and Ejtech within the experimental project “Robotrip”.

A robotic audiovisual transcendence; the idea was born fromthe desire to unify the unique aspects of Caracol Studio’s and EJtech’s experimental paths in a single project that exalts them, and simultaneously creates an artistic performance. 

The freedom of movement of a 6-axis robot becomes the center of attention, the subject matter. It represents the biggest peculiarity of this machine, reproducing spatial paths impossible to otherwise follow.


The interaction between man and machine and the use of technological tools beyond fictitious canons are the heart of “Rhodonea’s” artistic exploration.

Caracol Studio and Ejtech succeed to graphically reproduce an old mathematical function named “Rhodonea”, defined by the Italian mathematician Luigi Guido Grandi, around 1725. 

During the execution phase, the robotic arm aims to run this track, transforming the digital design in a physical harmonic dance. By applying sensors on the boom end, the movements performed from several plans, are recorded and elaborated through a complex system that extrapolates a melody based on the robot dance.

The whole process happens in real time: is the music that derives from therobot dance. The drawing represents the notes, the graph represents the score.

The artistic performance is accentuated with the application of a UV laser on the robot terminal; the outcome is a release of a temporary track on a special canvas: The robot axis movement is translated both graphically and musically, allowing the spectator’s eyes and ears to feel and live the performance entirely. 

Content    Annie Markitanis

Concept ideation   Giovanni Avallone, Paolo Cassis, Esteban De la Torre, Judit Eszter Kárpáti 

Robot programming    Giovanni Avallone, Paolo Cassis 

Sound design    Esteban De La Torre, Judit Eszter Kárpáti 

Video    Matteo Bellomo 

A project by   Caracol Studio and Ejtech

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