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16 MARCH 2017


Resilience: A magic word to explain how to handle and overcome traumatic events; resilience is the key coping tool to positively reorganize our lives, face our difficulties, and rebuild ourselves based on our core identity. Resilience is the antidote to life’s hardships and the catalyst for self embracing and maintianing a positive lookout towards life. Besides, isn’t it all a matter of perception?

Twenty-One year old Vittorio Valigi, has much knowledge to pass forward.

In 2014 he fought and won against a bone primitive disease - an experience that has completely changed himself as a human being - hence the name of his newly launched brand REBELLE POUR LA VIE, Rebel For Life, as a celebration of life. 

The principal leitmotiv that defines his vision is life in all its nuances; life itself with all its elements. 

All the collections are introspective and highly emotional. His creative inspiration stems from his own feelings and thoughts, his own perception and interpretation.

Vittorio Valigi is a living proof that the fashion system is not merely composed by big holding groups and unimaginable level of capital investment. His brand, just like many others, is a little wooden boat sailing alone in an ocean full of sharks and tumultous waves. 

Slowly but steadily, REBELLE POUR LA VIE’s long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies and hats with cool and street style vibes, reflect Valigi’s personal strengths and promising vision. 

“The Collection’s concept, vision and idea have their roots in the deep necessity of self-belief; they are rooted in my primal emotions and personal experiences of people taking everything for granted. This is not about a distorted, human ego trip, nor is meant to be antisocial or excessively defensive, as I don’t believe in isolating myself from the world. it’s simply the act of convincing oneself to break down the barriers and overtake hurdles that litter the long path of life. I am a human being that lives, acts, thinks, loves, hates, persists and above all feels...”


Words    Alessandro Ieva

Editor    Annie Markitanis

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