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Pump It Up with Reebok

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26 NOVEMBER 2014

Pump It Up with Reebok

Pump It Up with Reebok and its 25 years of PUMP technology!
Reebok Classic celebrates the 25th birthday of the technology that has revolutionized the 90's, redefining completely the "sneakers universe." We are naturally referring to The Pump technology, designed by Paul Litchfield for Reebok in late 1988 and early 1989.
It was initially adopted to improve 
the performance of the athletes on the basketball court, allowing players to take direct control on the perception of their sneakers.
Given the success of this product in the following years the Pump line 
expanded, embracing even the world of running, tennis, walking and training.
Today, 25 years after 
its invention, it continues to improve comfort (and design) of some of the most popular sneakers in the market ... and, as they say, the best is yet to come! Pump it up! 

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