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Pre Fall 15 Costume National with Marina Abramovic

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17 JANUARY 2015

Pre Fall 15 Costume National with Marina Abramovic


“The Art of Elysium’s annual “Heaven” gala with Marina Abramovic.”
Costume National creative director Ennio Capasa andMarina Abramovic are joining forces for her performance at The Art of Elysium’s annual “Heaven” gala.
For the past six months, the pair have been dreaming up designs that will be used throughout the evening by attendees as part of an interactive artistic experience.
“I was eagerly awaiting the right moment to work with Ennio and Costume National,” Abramovic said. “The genius of his aesthetic resides in his deep understanding of human forms and the flow of energy that fuels the creative process. Ennio and I do different things, but somehow we manage to connect with people in the same way.”
Capasa said, “Collaborating with Marina is a dream! She is a magic woman, a great friend and a unique artist, with profound human insight and sensitivity.”

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