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23 JANUARY 2015



The second edition of the contest, launched by Prada in partnership with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore onApril 11th 2014, continues its quest for emerging writers.

The optical frames, created in collaboration with Luxottica, become once again a key tool to explore reality,a lens through which we can try to envision the future and meditate on change.

The line of inquiry now explores new horizons, embracing all that you can imagine or think of, and all theideas that, once their shape and content have been brought into focus, can be described with words.

Writers were challenged to answer the questions published on www.prada.com/journal:
“What are the signs of a changing world? And what situations can we envision? Taking a good look at thedetails might give us the answer”.
Their stories, written in more than twenty different languages, were selected by a jury composed ofprestigious international literary names: Tishani Doshi, Carlo Feltrinelli, Paolo Giordano and ColumMcCann.

Viola Bellini, Miguel Ferrando and Anabel Graff are the three winners of the contest, who will receive theamount of 5000 Euro each; a special mention has been given to Alejandro Morellon.

Their stories, both in their original language and translated into English, make up the anthology “PradaJournal 2014 – Signs of a changing world” available for download starting on Tuesday, January20th on www.prada.com/journal

The Award Ceremony started at 7pm when Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller and Filippo Timi lent their voices tothe winning stories during a reading moment. Dane DeHaan was the master of ceremonies.

DJ Frédéric Sanchez animated the event.

Guests included Anna Wood, Keleigh Sperry, Dasha Zhukova, Poppy Delevingne and husband James Cook,Pixie Geldof, Elena Perminova, Guido Taroni, Inge Feltrinelli, J.J. Martin, Katie Grand,Derek Blasberg, Nina Yashar, Angela and Teresa Missoni, Anna Dello Russo, Albertina Marzotto, MaurizioGalimberti, Francesco Vezzoli, Raffaello Napoleone and Silvia Bertolini Orsi.

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