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A Film By Guillaume Guérin

*Oculus: An eye; a spot reminiscent of an eye; a bud, a bulb on a root; the power of sight; the mind’s eye.

*Nebula: The word nebula comes from the Latin word for cloud.

Astronomically defined as a cloud of interstellar gas and dust, visible in the night sky.

Nebulae come in different shapes and sizes, with the four principal nebulae being: planetary nebulae, reflection nebulae, emission nebulae, andabsorption nebulae.

Oculus Nebula: A video exploring a journey into the deep space of mankind, looking for an echo of primitive light where dark matter can be hidden. 

Visual artist Guillaume Guérin touches once again the concept of our common discernment skill, but this time associating it with the meaning of aplanetary Nebula*.

The video capture was executed at the artist’s apartment, over a two weeks time span.

Guérin incorporates the analog color generator, from lightning storm video material, introducing some distortions to create unique colors.

The video’s soundtrack plays an essential role. Oculus Nebula meets Aeronaut with the Swiss-based multi-instrumentalist Steve Fors, creating adrone-based music witha melodic sound that couldn’t reflect better the “coresoul” of Oculus Nebula.


Video    Guillaume Guérin

Audio    Aeronaut – Steve Fors

Production    2015 – 2016


Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

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