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Nasa is paying people £12,000 to lie in bed for 70 days

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24 APRIL 2015

Nasa is paying people £12,000 to lie in bed for 70 days


In the name of space research: Up for vegin out in return for £12,000 ? All fully paid by Nasa!

® William Eggleston

This is not a rumor; indeed, Nasa is paying people to lie in bed for 70 days in return for  £12,000. In a time of economic crisis such as the one we have been experiencing for quite some time, this is more than an appealing job offer to consider. Don’t you think?

All sleepyheads and/or sleeping beauties are on call: Are you a US citizen? Do you know what is your calling in life? Maybe, what you are meant to be? Are you in the outlook for a possible alternative to those numerical office jobs or government “yearned” positions?

I bet tons of us are great loungers, with our bed being on the top of our assets list. 

Here it comes; if you can relate to any of the above, then Nasa has a job for you.  

As reported by the Independent, the space agency wants human guinea pigs to apply for their continuing investigation into the affects of zero gravity conditions on the body. Your job is contained in a simple task: to lie in bed for 70 days, 24 hours a day, doing nothing, as "head down bed rest is a good way to mimic a person traveling in space without gravity". 

However the candidates are not only required to be talented in being “couch potatoes”, Nasa is raising the bar by searching for the right crowd, which resembles the astronaut population. 

This is translated into a fit body ready to deal with the rigors of rocketing through Earth’s atmosphere at a “gazillion miles an hour”. 

In other words folks, don’t be cheated into thinking that you can get paid by Nasa without an opportunity cost; say goodbye and farewell to those luscious evenings in company of your favorite pies, beer pints, crisps and popcorn. This is business time and Nasa can’t help but stressing out clearly the urgency for severity and commitment: "healthy test subjects are needed for these studies". 

Two types of participants are in play for the acclaimed "bed rest study". The first category involved those who exercise. The second category refers to all those for whom Not exercising is rather considered their routine exercise. 

“The exercisers will conduct their weight training from the lying down position to help scientists understand whether or not astronauts should be doing the same thing up in space in the name of health”.


Words by    Annie Markitanis

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