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Mariano Franzetti

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17 MARCH 2015

Mariano Franzetti


Art Night Out

A space in the heart of Porta Ticinese, of the sensationally beautiful Navigli.
The Argentine artist, Milan based, Mariano Franzetti, welcomes us to an emotionally colorful experience, with charming, playful, dreamy and ethereal components in play.
Speaking of originality, artistic individuality and an unlimited creative expression: A show where the Disney cartoon approaches the manga and the happy meal figurines interact with the action figures.
With the occasion of the Art Night Out, on Friday March 20th, Mariano Franzetti allures us into an exploration of his works at the Calusca space, named after the small overlooking alley.
The protagonist of the evening, his artistic development and expansion, revolving and reflecting upon the man; the man of contemporary times, the one of contradictions, of satire, the one standing as the expressionist symbol of a globalized world whom the artist reinterprets metaphorically through various components related to our childhood.
So here comes the highlight and the peeping into the INCONSCIENTE COLECTIVO series.
In the forefront puzzle pieces, lego, toy soldiers and Disney subjects, invading into unknown lands with a psychedelic aura; materially strange faces, recognizable only to a careful observer.
Mariano Franzetti proposes a selection of recent works, including his human-centered work “Almost True.”
Surrender into a dreamy storytelling where Irony meets hyperrealism, in an exceptionally unconventional chromatic context.


Words    Annie Markitanis

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