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Magnetic Light

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23 FEBRUARY 2015

Magnetic Light


Light; magnetic light; artificial light! A graphic analogue of photographic series targeting a subject of an original and innovative context “touching” at the same time the psychological "borders" of humanity.
A "backbone" of the artificial light's impact onto all of us.
A symbolic parallel to the nocturnal insects attracted by the artificial light.
A notion rooted in the thinking and interpretation that the artificial light is the moon; a mark in the sky to find their way towards, similar to the pole star for the sailors.
A "passionate" nightly pursuit that results in exhaustion.
Look closely and follow the magnetic light's rays…Can you "converse" with it? Is it enlightening or disrupting?

Video Artist    Guillaume Guérin. 2015 

Music    "Blut mond" by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 2012
New LP    "A year with 13 moons"
Words and Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

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