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Leave it to the breeze

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3 APRIL 2015

Leave it to the breeze


To start with, let’s make one thing very clear: This column is not only about Insider’s tips of who and what might be considered as the ‘next big thing.
’While a little over a year ago, 24 year old singer- songwriter James Bay could have been considered exactly that, the days of being Britain’s 'best kept secret' are definitely over.
In fact his debut album ‘Chaos and the Calm’, (recorded in Nashville at Blackbird studios and produced by Jaquire King), has just hit the top iTunes position in several countries.
Nothing about Bay’s music seems forced or unnatural and his sound has already a warm uniqueness to it-it is as if Bay has 'just left it to the breeze…'

Music Contributor    Alex Uhlmann
Content Editor    Annie Markitanis 

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