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Keep The Slick Beat

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1 APRIL 2017

Keep The Slick Beat


“I am alive. A flux of cold energy attracts me, it’s calling me. The window and its iridescence speak to me. Visions charged with promise make me feel ecstatic. I let myself in and swindle through the break invertebrates. I’m dancing. 

A kaleidoscopic bundle of light takes over me. It hits me and swiftly lights me up. 

I am stripped off the superfluous, enchanted by the foregoing of time, which slips over my body as I slide ravenously through the trapped reptilian scales and I free them.

I am freed – Wild and sensual in the snake cage.

The night feels safe and I leave changed.”

It’s a FantaStory, with your FantaBody, in your FantaSkin: In the Keep the Slick Beat, the protagonist is no other than a tired urban female creature; a creature that can only sense and breath life when faced with danger.

Danger is translated as an adrenaline rush, which is subsequently expressed, through pure, frenetic, vibrant and intense moves.

The night is deep, the atmosphere is electric…

The Fantabody’s snake limited edition bodysuit becomes the personification of the feminine sensuality, the original sin, the tempting snake that confuses Eva.

Smooth touches, vivid feelings and silent revolution lead the viewer to the evolution: Eva falls for her snake lover and SoapOpera celebrates the perdition and a contemporary, conflicting and hypnotic feminine sensuality.

Directed by    Michele Foti

Starring    Lucette Van Beek

Subject by    Erika Grupillo & Federica Ciuci Priori

Creative Direction    Erika Grupillo

Styling    Anna Cadeddu

Hair & Make Up    Genny Cecchini

Body   Fantabody

Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

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