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5 JUNE 2015



By Studio Swine

What if you could use human hair as an alternative to diminishing natural materials? Studio Swine travels along the Hair Highway to explore the hair trade and its potential as a future resource:

Hair Highway is a contemporary take on the ancient Silk Road; the road of the East and West transportation of silk, technologies, aesthetics and ideas.

An investigation journey tackling the Shandong’s global hair industry in China; it starts off with the people who sell the hair and reaches all the way to the hair merchants, markets and factories. 

Studio Swine follows, documents and reveals a spectacle of highly decorative objects, where the material itself is in the lead role.

Hair Highway mirrors China’s relationship with the rest of the world while exploring the idea that trade has also the ability to transport products as well as values and perceptions. 

With China being both the largest importer of tropical hardwood and the biggest exporter of human hair, Studio Swine combines hair with a natural resin creating a composite material that provides a sustainable alternative to the planet’s diminishing natural resources with an aesthetic that evokes the palettes of tortoiseshell and a grain resembling that of polished horn or exotic hardwoods. The result is a unique collection of exquisite objects inspired by the 1930’s Shanghai-deco style! 

Content Editor    Annie Markitanis, Antonio Ametrano

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