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8 JUNE 2015



by Marlene Huissoud

“I grew up with insects because my father is beekeeper, and I have been always fascinated by the creativity of insects….”

French Marlene Huissoud is captured by an unusual fascination targeting the future creation of craft artifacts; an interest realized through the essence of utilizing insects and their waste streams.

After science’s decision to explore the potential of insects for food production, Marlene Huissoud is primarily interested in using insects as co-partners in the design process. An investment defined by a yearning in working with them and discovering how their natural waste streams could be channeled towards the production of valuable craft artifacts in the long term.

The two principal insects in Huissoud’s personal and professional exploration are no other than the common honeybee, which produces propolis- a natural bio degradable resin and the Indian silkworm, which discards its hard cocoon once it reaches the highest level of maturity.

The video FROM INSECTS, “investigates” the potential introduction of a new material into the design process; a presentation of a new material, which challenges today’s resources and mass consumerism enabling manufacturing processes.

FROM INSECTS, provokes through the practicing of rare and precious materials from the honeybee and silkworm microcosm. The generation of precious objects with a unique identity, through unexplored materials, which “hide” substantial and considerable properties.

Marlene Huissoud’s original manipulation of the two materials results in the generation of various glass techniques with the collection bio resin based vessels.

Additionally out of the cocoons and the bio resin stems the “Wooden Leather”.

FROM INSECTS celebrates the limitless beauty in the use of insect material potentials while giving to the audience the possibility to question our perception of what surround us. It provides us with a new way of looking at the material by giving it new values and cultural attributes.

Indeed insects can be scary but this daring project might assist in bringing together the beauty of our co-existence with the mini. What do you think?


Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

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