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27 APRIL 2015



Digital Generation; the new generation; our generation.

An era of innovation, mass production, and radical changes with accumulated man-made discoveries. 

The epoch of desire; the epoch of “apocalypses”, provocation, as well as a big time of sexual exploration and redefinition with our basic primordial needs leading an important part of the “show”, otherwise known as the life journey.

The independence between the two genders, the liberty to be as one chooses to be.

We are mirroring an entire generation with vast limitations but still multi potentialities. 

We are mirroring an entire generation whose idea for sexuality, freedom of existence and desire is under reexamination.

But who is keeping score?

The drive to get a quick fix and an adrenalin rush is rated as “task No1”. 

A craving for a wholesome action of all senses: Sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight on request.

A colonization of an era, which deals with the adventurous waters of eroticism versus the so alluring waters of casual sex.

Which are the primordial needs, tendencies, desires and appetites that we are apt to consider fundamental for our sanity? 

Making love to life might be an overstatement. However, how about the right or the urge or however one wants to name it, to exist where everything stops and all begins simultaneously?

Where time, dogmas, gender, age and race become inferior in the presence of the powerful and sensual Eros? (Even in the cases where Eros comes along withouthis wings)?



Photo    ©Nan Goldin

Words    Annie Markitanis


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