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Denim’s Victory

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28 MAY 2015

Denim’s Victory

Fashion freaks and denim enthusiasts from all over the world must be celebrating Marques Almeida triumph at the 2015 LVMH Prize; €300,000 and a full year of technical support from the prestigious high fashion emporium, covering assistance in brand development; from advertising, marketing and production among others.

Their Fall 2015 collection and the one that took the price for them, was a 90’s dream full of frayed denim, asymmetric rib knit dresses and more denim in every color of the rainbow, re-working the look of a grunge wet haired girl keeping up with the effortless cool vibes that the London Fashion Week regulars have been delivering on their past collections.

Taking the credit of the denim comeback and even transforming it into dressed up eveningwear, the future looks bright for the Portuguese design duo leaving us all craving to see what will they come up with in further seasons.

We will keep our eyes on you guys!

Words    Rubén Castilla de la Vega

Image and video    via LVMH Prize 

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