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Damir Doma

unconventional love unFlop | unconventional love

Damir Doma

In Damir Doma’s Spring Summer 2015 Men’s Collection, we encounter a divergent, out of the box film, delving and expressing the brand’s universe. 
A global look at the brand inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
A luminous abandoned Parisian warehouse injected with natural magic, fits the mood played out by the starring elements and tied in with an original electric acoustic soundtrack. 
The upshot is a cinematic feeling with narrative characters and the conveyance of the believable, romantic, graphic and conceptual Damir’s creations. A film amused and touched by the interplay between simplicity and sophistication, reaffirming that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Smoke, dust and haze on the water, sow the sees for an unbroken style fruition! 

Artistic Director   Tiffany Godoy and Tomoyuki Yonezu / Erotyka Tokyo Paris
Hair   Tomohiro @ Management Artists
Make Up   Christine Corbel @ Management Artists
Models   Jake L @ SUCCESS, Ryan Hassaine @ SUCCESS, Ted Le Sueur @ FM Models, Tom Gaskin @ D1 Models, Yannick Abrath @ SUCCESS, Francois Durel @ ROCK Men
Project Manager   Devi Sok
Set Designer   Daniel Adric
Text   Rebecca Voight
  Carlotta Manaigo and Frode Fjerdingstad
Words    Annie Markitanis

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