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Alicia, Liv..and Rhye!

unbelievable knack unFlop | unbelievable knack
20 FEBRUARY 2015

Alicia, Liv..and Rhye!


Music Contributor    Alex Uhlmann
Content Editor    Annie Markitanis

Who remembers the days of watching uninterrupted hours of MTV just to catch the latest Aerosmith video for the sequel of the adventures of Alicia Silverstone and Liv Taylor?
Unfortunately MTV has since vanished into a blur of countless reality soaps, and music videos soon became a nostalgic the atrical prop of thepast.
Through technological evolution and instant exposure on the various social platforms on the net however, there has luckily been an important revival of the music video.
With lower budgets and fierce competition, creativity has risen to higher standards and music videos have regained significance.
This is true also for Rhye, the electro/R&B duo formed of Canadian singer Milosh and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal, whose videos of debut album Woman (innovative leisure) may not be sequels per se but have plots that could easily be developed into such.
Amusing are also the diverse story interpretations of Rhye’s videos to singles ‘Open’ and ‘The Fall’ by the You Tube community.
With the duo currently in the studio writing new material, one can only hope for more of the same. Even if neither Alicia nor Liv will be involved, follow the rhythm, string along and enjoy! 

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