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Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar

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20 MARCH 2015

Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar


An authentic ready-to-wear inner riot.

‘Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar’ by Daniel Gonzalez is a performance, part of the D.G. Clothes Project, addressing the rebellion through beauty, the beauty beyond the fashion concepts, the trend and the trademark.
A portrayal of the relationship between the individual, his identity and his outfit; a revelation and in a way a decomposition of the individual’s personality.
A questioning “verbalized” through unique pieces which as if wearable sculptures narrate the story of the person behind them; an intimate “storytelling” of the individual’s dress code.
Through the ages, women have been imposed with beauty standards and stereotypes defined by perfection.
The essence of the aesthetic has been directly and concretely given the interpretation of power and social status.
In contemporary times, the individual is identified, “valued”, recognized, classified, evolved and confronted based on their attire, the “personality” of their costume.
Only very few manage to easily and directly declare and distinguish their sense of belonging and social roles in a group context.
Could the aesthetic articulation correspond with the expression of one’s own intimacy? The intimacy that tends to remain camouflaged obscured and ignored?
Through the performance in ‘Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar’ Daniel Gonzalez reconsiders the identity of women through a truthful expression of the performer’s non-models deepest and purest emotions.
Through his exclusive pieces, encompassing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles and accessories, Gonzalez declares an authentic relationship with his subjects wearing them; subjects who challenge the inaccurate standards of value redeeming their sole entity.
Each of Gonzalez’s creations carries its own story, a metropolitan opposition and an impartial attitude.
They recite the life trajectory of each one of us simply because they are made for each one of us. 

Words    Annie Markitanis 

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